Unreleased Movie Journaling App

This application has yet to be released in the respective App stores, which is why the name is withheld — I’ll update it with the name and fuller details once the app is available for download. The application had some functionality prior to my involvement, but needed “polish” to bring it up to publishable standards. […]

Battle Camp EndGame Screens

These screens were done as mockups for Battle Camp, a match-three mobile game available on iOS  and Facebook, to demonstrate proposed future functionality and improvements common in other social, casual games to this game, including: A “Double Down” feature that would allow players to continue for added bonuses in the next (and subsequent) games, A […]

Carbon Age Systems

Most small businesses need a website, but only a fraction of them require a significant backend. Carbon Age Systems is a manufacturing, fabrication, and design company in Atlanta, GA that specializes in engineering challenges and prototype development. Before Redesign The site in its previous incarnation is serviceable, but with no clear call to action — […]

S.I.M.O.N. Cleaned Wireframes

A quick exercise in Balsamiq to clean up what had been sketched out earlier — especially after discussing the app with another programmer friend required some clarification that I just wanted rectangular buttons with the images in them, as opposed to some edge-finding trickery! Will need to write up some better project specifications… The idea […]

Wireframes for S.I.M.O.N. App

Working on an Android App — but why make a simple “Simon” clone when half the fun is designing a new twist? Simon is a well-known children’s toy — the pieces light up, and players repeat the patterns as they become increasingly complex to follow. As a result, most Simon clones follow a simple, time-honored […]

lastres0rt.com Site Map

It’s a rough map (I’m not about to draw in 300+ circles for 300+ comics!), but this covers the general site architecture for lastres0rt.com. Mostly, I wanted to see if there were any pages that no longer made sense to include inside the site navigation (which is important, as removing just two pages would simplify […]

lastres0rt.com Wireframes

Personal projects never die! The mobile world moves fast, so a year after redesigning lastres0rt.com is enough time to go back and see what can be improved upon let again — yes, the comic itself is always going to be front and center, but the better the site’s interface is, the more likely I can […]